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20 Year Anniversary Of Raekwon’s Immobilarity

‪20 Years ago today we A&Rd this album and produced some tracks while working on the American Cream Team album. Album was completely different from OB4CL and under appreciated. I originally walked in as a fan with a vision to give a follow up to OB4CL, we laid down 50 beats that was going make this album a fan favorite (Yes it was 50 beats, some recorded/unreleased) But I was unaware of the battles, arguments, and near physical fights ahead of me. With internal issues within the Wu, no RZA or Ghost involvement, dozens of samples that wouldn’t clear, and a ton of other problems i won’t comment on, it finally dawned on me that this was not going to be a Wu album at all. This would be something completely different. Folks are either going to hate it cause it’s not a Wu album or love it as stand alone project. Even though it immediately went Gold a good amount of Wu Fans hated it, originally because they wanted what they got from OB4CL. I get it, but my hands were tied. But what’s interesting is folks over the last 20 years have been going back to it as a stand alone project without the OB4CL shadow and finally enjoying it. I get hit every day about how dope the project is and the appreciation of records like Casablanca, Live From NY, and The Table. I guess the album was simply before it’s time and the general public just wasn’t ready. ‬Whatever it is, I appreciate the experience, the music, and most of all just being part of Hip Hop History. Shoutout to @raekwon @wutangbrand @steverifkind and @rich_isaacson Thank you
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